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Kaye Piggot

I have used Jeff and Kaye's services for years. I was a contractor and a home remodeler. I needed quick and professional response from a realtor. Jeff was always very prompt and very knowledgeable of the areas and always kept respectable pricing for such a demanding market. My buildings never lasted more than a week on the market. If you are ready to buy or sell and list with Jeff and Keye Piggot, I suggest you have your belongings packed because you won't have much time to wait. My relationship with Jeff and Kaye became more than business, they became very trusting friends.

Joseph Good

Kaye Piggot is a Colorado Springs native. Born and raised here, she brings unparalleled knowledge of the area, working alongside her husband Jeff for almost 15 years. Kaye graduated from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a BS in Business Administration. After college, Kaye returned to Colorado Springs and began working in the mortgage industry. In the 15 years that Kaye worked in the mortgage industry she was a loan processor, loan officer and then became the manager of the largest locally owned mortgage company in Colorado Springs. After her time in the mortgage world, Kaye masterfully juggled being a full time mom while also being actively involved in her husband’s real estate business. For the past four years she has been dedicated full time to their real estate business. As a volunteer, Kaye worked with C.A.S.A. (The Hangar) where she spent time helping with programs specialized for foster children and their future success, and she is an active member of several School District 20 parent committees. The Piggot’s were also volunteers for the National Mill Dog Rescue, where they fostered dogs until they found their forever homes, and even ended up adopting a dog of their own. Kaye’s lifelong experience here in the Springs along with her ongoing commitment to the community gives her a deep understanding of Colorado Springs and what makes this place special. She is able to seamlessly decipher what a client wants into a reality. Her philosophy has always been that Jeff and Kaye Piggot Real Estate is not just helping their clients find a house, but helping their clients find a place where they can live out their dreams.

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